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What is A Payday Loan? Cash Advance? Short-Term Loan?
A cash advance, payday loan or paycheck loan is a loan which helps to alleviate small costs until the time of your next paycheck. Its an unconfirmed and short-term, which means you aren't subject to the same interest and contracts as a long-term bank loan or mortgage may require. Payday, Paycheck or Cash Advances are here to avoid a check bouncing, other late fees or penalties. A payday loan usually has a maximum between $1000-$2000 dollars and covers costs within that range.
How To Qualify?
To become eligible for a cash advance is more basic than trying to obtain a more conventional form of credit ( i.e. bank loans, mortgage). Quicker Cash Advance uses your job and payment history as its main determining factor. We do not do background or credit checks. However there are certain requirements to our services
You must currently have a job (or have a steady income)
You must make minimally $1000/month
You must be at least 18 years of age or older
You must be a U.S. citizen
You must have a checking account
You may be subject to other requirements which could apply
Note: A history of bankruptcy, bounced-checks, and other credit transgressions don't bar you from receiving a Quicker Cash Advance loan. That makes getting holiday cash or
How Long Does It Take?
One of the greatest thing about our loan process is that it's fast, sometimes approving customers within hours of applying. However, we like to guarantee ourselves at least one business day to complete the process and wire money into your account.
How Much Does Bad Credit Effect My Eligibility?
Don't Stress! Quicker Cash Advance does not use the credit checks to qualify its customers. We use your work and current pay history instead.
What is Considered Collateral?
Your job and your paycheck is how we insure our advance.
Is Anything About My Bank Account Required?
Currently, we only require that your job direct deposit your paycheck into your account.
Does An Application Fee Apply?
Applying for a loan, is a free service provided by Quicker Cash Advance
What about
Absolutely. We respect our customer's privacy needs in managing their personal finances. Our site uses a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information. All sensitive information transmitted between your browser and our website uses 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology.
How Do You Determine How Much Your Loans Are?
Each state sets its limits for Payday loans in terms of their maximum quantity. With respect to this range, one can be authorized for a loan relative to his/her paycheck.
What Determines The Fees Charged?
Quicker Cash Advance constructs fees both competitively and within legal terms.
What Is The Loan Agreement?
The loan agreement is a contract, which entitles all state and/or federal admittance and regulations having to do with the cash advance loan agreements. It is a full synopsis on the conditions binding payday and pay advance loans, as well as what you with be subject to financially and regarding the percentage rate (APR).
How Long Do I have To Payback The Loan?
Typically, the payday loan is repaid when you collect your next paycheck. Seven days is the recognized minimum time between loan and re-payment with a grace period spanning no more than eighteen days, without the threat of penalties.
What Happens If I Can't Re-Pay My Loan?
If you find that you can't we have so options for people who are unable to re-pay their loans upon its maturity date:
Paying the finance fee and making a partial payment on the principle on or before the maturity date.**
Paying the finance fee on the maturity date.**
**there may be additonal terms, fees and conditions when adding an extension to your loan.
Loan Amount:
First Name:
Last Name:
I have a regular source of income.
I receive at least $1000/month.
I have an active savings or checking account.
Bounced check fees average $21.35 per occurance with an additional $25 per bounced check. Thats a total of $46.35 per bounced check.
Bouncing a $100 check will cost you $46.35. While paying a $100 debt with a payday advance will only cost you $15-$25.
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