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How it all works
Email: info [at] quickercashadvance [dot] com
How It All Works
Quick Cash Advance tries its best to help clients both understand the process and make it simple to use. To access your payday loan please read the following:
Take the time to read, understand and complete our free online application form. Be sure to answer all the required fields correctly and fully, as it will make the approval cycle shorter.
In a few short minutes, one of Quick Cash Advance's loan representatives will contact you via telephone to verbally confirm the application and it's indicated information
Upon your application's approval, your funds will be wired electronically to your indicated account by the next business day.
Subsequently, on the provided due day for loan payment, the funds will be deducted from you account.
Loan Limitations
Quicker Cash Advance can apply and help administer a loan up to $1500. Though Quicker Cash Advance cannot agree that a given service provider will allow this maximum for every applicant. Loan amount is subject to differ between applications and provider.
What We Require
To qualify for a payday advance loan is quite simple. Rest assure, there are no background checks or credit checks. However, below are the listed requirements
You must currently have a job (or have a steady income)
You must make minimally $1000/month
You must be at least 18 years of age or older
You must be a U.S. citizen
You must have a checking account
You may be subject to other requirements which could apply
Note: A history of bankruptcy, bounced-checks, and other credit transgressions don't bar you from receiving a Quicker Cash Advance loan
As you can see applying for Quick Cash Advance's Loan is not only simple, but honest and reliable. So apply now!
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I have a regular source of income.
I receive at least $1000/month.
I have an active savings or checking account.
It will cost you at least $40 to re-start your gas, water or electricity once the service has been disconnected with a further deposit of $50-$150 generally applicable.
Most lenders and finance companies don't offer short term loans in small amounts (under $200)
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